The Advantages Of An Window Glass Tint Film In Your Home

Security occupies an important place in our society, increasing inequalities and multiple threats are inciting more and more precautions.

The figures speak for themselves: Between 2008 and 2016 + 46% burglaries in France, on average 1 window film privacy every 90 seconds. Twenty minutes are usually enough for the perpetrators to commit their robbery. Windows and windows are the weak points of a home. For 38% of burglars, windows are the privileged access to enter a house or apartment. The anti-intrusion film will strengthen the glazing and will allow it to withstand violent and prolonged blows.

Installed on the inside of the glazing, the burglar-proof film will absorb the shock waves related to the violence of the blows and will prevent the glass from shattering while keeping the glass broken. It helps to deter and delay the perpetrator by prohibiting a quick access to your habitat on one of its most fragile points.

An empirical study states that a burglar abandons his attempted break-in after three minutes. A film of 100 microns withstands more than a dozen extremely violent shots before the first signs of cuts on the polymer begin to appear.

In addition to its impact resistance, a  100 polyester anti-tamper film is classified under fire M1. It is also treated against UV and can filter them to 99%.

The 100 film without solar treatment is totally transparent and does not lose any external light.

UV is not a source of heat (heat is emitted by infrared) but is the cause of discolouration of furniture or books and fading colors on leather carpets or rugs.

It is possible to combine impact resistance and heat filtration in the same film with SUNVER 175 films. It’s a combination of both actions in one movie. SAFETY and ANTI HEAT (IR – Infrared). This burglar / heat film strengthens your glazing like the window film privacy 100 by developing identical qualities of heat filtration and glare as solar films.

Its exterior mirror aspect allows you to protect yourself from the eyes by protecting your interior from external looks.

10 years warranty, you can inquire with your insurer because some insurance companies for professionals take into account the securing of glazing in the calculation of contributions.

The installation is done directly on the glazing in place, it will not cause any fouling, no internal upheaval or special move, and no noise annoyance. The window film privacy once installed does not require any particular maintenance.

Energy efficiency with Protherm anti-cold window insulating film

Insulation of windows and glazing becomes a key element in the energy performance of homes. Modern buildings are now neutral or very energy efficient. The installation of a Protherm anti-cold window insulating film on your windows – single or double glazing – can often be the cheapest and quickest solution to implement.

Ideal For the insulation of single or double glazing, it is an alternative to replacing windows.

The glazed surfaces of a building represent the main cold zone that attracts the inner radiant heat, which is why it is important to isolate them. They represent on average 25 to 30% of overall losses.  Thanks to an insulating film of anti-cold window it is possible to obtain up to 30% reduction of heat loss.

What are the advantages of an anti-cold window insulating film?

Mitigation of cold areas generated by window radiation, lack of cold feeling near windows.

Thermal bridges are reduced, heat leaks are eliminated and save up to 30% of the heating budget!

Summer Heat Insulation: Prather’s anti-cold window insulating film will also work against incoming calories in the summer. Its ionized composition acts specifically on the solar filter to offer the best compromise between transparency and performance. It decreases the coefficient of the glass surface on which it is applied. The Preterm film filters 70% of IR and 99% of UV responsible for wiping and discoloration.

Simplicity of implementation. Our Preterm window glazing insulation films are installed indoors with an application technique that does not disturb the occupants or the furniture.

Fire rated M1 – Delays window burst in case of fire. The film Preterm ISO (400 or 600) is the film summer winter for a better comfort of the habitat

How long does insulating window film anti cold?

A properly installed Protherm ionized film is guaranteed for 10 years. Preterm insulation film does not require any special maintenance.

We are at your disposal to study your needs and advise you on the purchase and installation of an insulating window film anti cold. N Bone teams specialize in film poses window: Laminate, burglar, anti-graffiti, solar, we operate throughout France and Belgium for governments, local authorities, entrepreneurs, companies, etc.

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