Evaluation After Divorce

The specified value of the appraised property by the company will be a decisive factor for the judicial organization when it is divided between former spouses after the divorce.

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N the following situations, evaluation after divorce should be mandatory:

If the subject of the section is the joint entrepreneurial activity of former partners.

When the subject of the claim is inseparable in principle a thing. In this case, the second spouse who did not receive it will be able to demand a monetary compensation of its share after the divorce or the item is subject to sale and division of the received amount equally.

When the property is not divided equally between the spouses, and, for example, in the ratio of 2 to 1. Often this happens if the property is divided and the children remain living with the second parent after the divorce on its territory. Evaluation in this situation is mandatory for the sake of fair section.

f the item of division after the divorce is real estate acquired by one of the partners before the marriage union, but later ennobled by the second. The initial value of the real estate, the price after the repair, will be estimated, and the actual value at the time of the section is analyzed.

Thus, the procedure for assessing property when it is divided after divorce helps significantly speed up the judicial review of the claim, more accurately determine its real value, and most importantly, take into account the interests of both spouses, and most equitably hold it. Thus, the assessment will avoid undeserved insults, reproaches and reproaches from his ex-husband or wife after the divorce.

However, the best solution is still the conclusion of a voluntary agreement, under which you can independently negotiate and decide with your spouse who and what will get after the divorce. This will greatly facilitate the divorce process and save your nerves and finances.

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Why do you need property valuation: land, car, real estate, business?     In what cases is evaluation necessary?     How to choose an expert appraiser?     Where should I go if I need an evaluation service?     What documents will be required? Why do you need to assess the property?

The report on the valuation of property (property or property complex) has great weight in disputes with the tax inspection when it comes to the correctness and completeness of the calculation of taxes. Such a report has the status of an official document of evidentiary value and can be used in court.

In addition, there are quite often cases of valuation of property or property complexes in the performance of purchase and sale transactions. Despite the fact that the buyer and the seller have the right to independently determine the price (unless otherwise provided by law), an independent valuation will establish a real price benchmark (market value) for the sale object existing on the date of the transaction.

The presence of an independent appraiser’s report will make it possible to certify that the transaction of purchase and sale was conducted in good faith before the persons whose interests may affect this transaction (shareholders of the enterprise, the higher organization, state bodies), each participant of the transaction acted in the interests of its party and was aware of the real market conditions , the real market value of the object of purchase and sale and the cost of similar facilities.. What are the specific terms and cost of services?

What reporting do we provide?

We carry out reports on ARMO SRO Standards, in accordance with federal evaluation standards, we use three approaches to determining business value: cost, comparative and profitable.

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