Five Tips For The Best Automobile Trip

  1. Eat like local, be local

Give local food a chance, even if you have no idea what it is made of. In the end, maybe you will no longer have the opportunity to try it. Visiting local supermarkets will not only help save on food, but also see what they have there and how much they sell. At home, you don’t go to restaurants every day. The same goes for housing. The prospect of staying at a brilliant new resort attracts, but why not give a chance to a unique mini-hotel with breakfast or that cheap motel by the road? Or maybe you should book an apartment with local residents through the Airbnb website.

If you cannot choose a hotel, use the “Next to me” function in our application (for iPhone and Android) and find available rooms nearby for tonight.

  1. Refrigerator bag

Who knows when you can eat again? Take a cooler bag with you and stock up on drinks and snacks in case you get hungry (or in case you get a bit lost …).

  1. Camping (even in the car)

Depending on your budget and car, instead of a hotel or motel, you can consider camping. This is a great cheap and easy way to meet new people. If you have a large car or van, you will be allowed to sleep right there in some campgrounds, in parking lots for vans, and also in the parking lots of some gas stations and Walmart stores.

In some countries it is not forbidden to put up a tent for one night in nature reserves free of charge. On the coast of Italy, Croatia, Spain, this number will not work. Camping sites in resort places can cost no less than modest apartments. Their only advantage will be the location on the shore and the presence of a pool in the territory. You can go to the website for more details.

  1. Satellite

By car it is very convenient to travel with your family. In this case, all domestic problems have already been solved within a small family team, but traveling with friends is a completely different event, fraught with pitfalls.

Road trips can bond or destroy friendships. Adventure companions can cheer you up perfectly, but imagine that you are stuck with them in the car for 6 hours when GPS refuses to work and they cannot read the map … If this prospect did not bother you, think about tastes: they are also interested in local history, like you, or more – in search of the nearest bar?

Make sure that you have found a soul mate in your companion, that you have converged in temperaments, that he can do well what you cannot do at all (for example, read maps or speak the local language). And that this person carries you well in any mood.

  1. Purchase a GPS Navigator

Do not take it in rent. Daily fees will soon become too high, much higher than it would be to buy a navigator and use it again and again at home and abroad.

Navigation software can be downloaded to your smartphone. In Europe, praise TomTom or iGo . Naturally, in the navigator you need to download maps of the area, initially they are not there.

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