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To find the best price, it is essential to compare your home insurance. Contract rates vary according to the type of housing, the property to be insured and the types of coverage chosen. So, how to find the cheapest home insurance?

Home insurance: pay cheap

How to find a cheap home insurance?

Each insurer is free to apply the price he wants. To decide the rate, it is based on a number of criteria (profile of the insured, type of housing, value of property to be insured …) that will be used to calculate the amount of your home multi-risk.

Result? Rates may vary significantly from one contract to another. To be sure to make the right choice, it is necessary to make a comparison of several home insurance quotes.


To make things easier for you, use our online insurance simulation tool.

The simulation tool is based on your information to offer guarantees and a tailor-made price.

With this online comparison form, every person looking for a cheap home insurance gets a personalized quote based on their profile.

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Do you want to compare home insurance and find the cheapest offer? Nothing’s easier. Use our form and answer a few questions about:

  • The housing to be insured: number of rooms, surface, location …;
  • The value of the property to be insured;
  • People who usually live in the apartment: children, spouse, persons accommodated …

How to save on your home insurance?

Use our calculator to find cheap home insurance is a must. But to save money, you can explore other tracks.


Did you know? Depending on your situation, you do not have to take home insurance.

Indeed, only tenants of unfurnished housing are obliged to take out a home insurance policy. They are also required to submit a certificate of insurance to their owner. Without this certificate, the owner has the right to refuse to rent his property or may break the lease.

On the other hand, the owners and tenants of a furnished house are not obliged to provide their housing. But, if you want to protect your property and your family, we strongly advise you not to ignore it.


To save ton your home or apartment insurance, you will need to carefully select the benefits of your policy. They have a direct impact on the level of coverage and the amount of your premium.

Our advice for finding the cheapest home insurance? Compare and select only the options you need to protect your home or apartment.

By carefully evaluating your home insurance needs, you will reduce the contract rate and realize significant savings.


Price increases, new laws … The insurance industry is constantly changing.

Therefore, even if you had found the cheapest home insurance on the market, this may not be the case a year later.

And, as you can change your insurance at any time after one year of commitment, we advise you to regularly review your contract by comparing rates and guarantees offered.

In conclusion, to insure your home or apartment, use our online insurance comparison tool. You will quickly and easily obtain several insurance quotes that we have selected for the level of guarantees offered, their reliability and quality of service.

Thus, you will be sure that your home insurance is always the cheapest on the market!

Find a cheap home insurance adapted to your profile and save by comparing the rates and guarantees of the home and multi-risk insurance offers

Affordable insurance quote online, the leader in home insurance comparison

Affordable insurance quote online is the most visited insurance site in France. is the inventor of the online home insurance comparison concept. In a few minutes, affordable insurance quote online questions its range of home insurance offers, among the largest French brands. affordable insurance quote online then gives you the best home insurance offers tailored to your profile and allows you to receive information by mail and email or subscribe online, by phone or agency directly from the insurance company that you is best.

Why is it mandatory to buy home insurance?

Home insurance is mandatory if you are renting an apartment or a detached house. You are responsible to the owner for any damage you may cause to the apartment, house or building. The owner must be sure of compensation in case of damage. Be careful, however, if you are a tenant of a furnished apartment or if you occupy a staff accommodation, you are not subject to this obligation. On the other hand, the owner is not obliged to take out insurance for his home. It is nevertheless advisable for the owners to subscribe, at least,

How can affordable insurance quote online help me find cheaper home insurance?

With affordable insurance quote online, the comparator of cheap home insurance, you can compare for free the prices and guarantees of many home insurance offers (MAAF, Aloa, April, MMA, Gras savoye, …). If you are interested in one of the inexpensive home insurance offers offered by our insurance comparator, you can get a free online quote. You can save money and pay less for your home insurance.

Completing the home insurance questionnaire will take less than 5 minutes! The home insurance proposals presented correspond to your profile only subject to the accuracy of your statements.

Free and non-binding: complete this home insurance form and compare in detail the best offers of cheap home insurance according to your needs and your budget.

You need :

– the month of expiry of your current contract if you are currently insured. If you do not know it, you will find this information on your current insurance policy.

– of the surface of the housing to ensure: if you do not remember any more, you will find this information on the lease or deed of sale of your home.

– the surface of dependencies and loggias if you have some: if you do not remember, you will find this information on the lease or deed of sale of your home.

– an estimate of the value of your furniture

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