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There are many myths and rumors about the importance of using SEO (houston search engine optimization) to improve the visibility of your online business. Let’s start 2015 on the right foot by demystifying some of these myths.

 SEO is magicage

Optimize the content of your web pages so that they come out better on the search engines is not magic. The research you do on Google is based on algorithms. It’s mathematics. That means we can test things to see if it works or not. If the SEO experts were wizards, they would simply do trial-and-error and it would be impossible to replicate the results day after day. We, SEO specialists throughout Quebec, day after day, for different clients, apply established formulas and techniques allowing your content to appear on the first pages of the most used search engines. Be careful when choosing your SEO expert. As in all areas, there are crooks. Do your research, check their presence on social media like LinkedIn or Twitter. Most of the time, they will interact with other reputable SEO experts. Quality companies, like YannickWeb.net, work in teams and collaborations because it is impossible to know everything in a field that changes so quickly every day, literally every day.

Cheap SEO services

Good cheap service does not exist. At the risk of repeating ourselves, the field of optimization for search engines is constantly changing. This means that the pros must always be on the lookout for changes including algorithms and future trends in terms of visibility on the Internet. When you hire a company specializing in houston search engine optimization it’s not just a person who will make a few small changes, add 1 or 2 links and make a few tweets. 3-4 years ago, it could have worked, but with the rapid changes this technique does not work anymore. SEO specialists are constantly reading, testing, asking and working to optimize their techniques. So you do not just hire a service, but a knowledge base that grows every day. So you have to be willing to pay the price for this service and this knowledge of the Internet. So be careful, if the service is really cheap, it is certainly an indication that the service will be of poor quality.

. Auditing your site cheaply

Analyzing your site by an houston search engine optimization expert is not done in a few hours. An audit is not just writing a few paragraphs of analysis after using some analysis tools on your website. A bad audit can really embarrass you. This can cause problems to arise or make you make decisions based on incorrect data. An analysis of this kind must be performed once a year by an expert who is familiar with search engine algorithms. Obviously, the web pros holding this knowledge do not sell their knowledge at a low price and certainly not for .That being said, do not be stingy. Invest in an expert who can do a quality audit. You pay for service and knowledge and there is a price for that.

Build a site and you will have visitors

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Do you have a new website or one that has been around for a while with content and no links? It will not work if your content is not shared on the Internet. For Google, if people talk about your website, you’ll go higher in the list. In fact, link acquisition is paramount to having a well-positioned web page that generates a lot of traffic. Good content is the key? No, not necessarily. The best content in the world does not always translate into a visit and a good positioning on Google. People must talk about you, have seen and use a link from your site elsewhere on the Internet so that search engines will recognize you and put you at the top. You will be disappointed if you believe you have a website with a lot of visits only with quality content. Obviously, there are exceptions: like big companies. Buying artificial links is very dangerous and runs the risk of running your business in addition to being very expensive. Take care!


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