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How Can Online Art Galleries Make Their Art More Accessible for People

Art never gets old and will always have a place in the hearts of artistic people no matter how beautiful and sophisticated other decorations might become. Many art galleries are available to people with that kind of taste where they can see their favorite artworks for themselves and make decisions based on how the finished art products look and also checking out how long lasting they can be by examining them as well. Additionally, access to art placed in actual art galleries is much easier and people can actually take it home with them as soon as all formal processes are completed.

However, with many modern online art galleries, being able to see and feel the art for yourself is no longer a possibility and although online galleries might present a wider selection choice because they can source from different art providers for their customers, yet making their art accessible for people is a challenge keeping in mind the high fragility level of various art forms and also shipping requirements might have them transported long distances. Here’s how online art galleries can make their art more accessible for everyone using Custom Packaging:

Different Types and Forms of Art

Right as soon as someone mentions the word art, the first thing that will spring to a lot of minds is portraits or artistic pictures. However, that is not the only form of art, a very long way from that actually. Art is available in all shapes, forms, designs, and dimensions with artistic sculptures designed with the designer’s vision and mind. Some art pieces can actually look even bizarre for someone who doesn’t appreciate art as much. Have a look at this unusually shaped art piece below:


If that’s not enough for you, have a look at this human face below that was sculpted by hand and looks absolutely breathtaking. You can just imagine how important it is to use just the right Custom Boxes for shipping of items like this:


This one below is a great example of how unusually art can be shaped and designed. The two large plates are balanced and attached with each other with the metal piece in the middle and the whole thing looks kind of floating in the thin air when looked upon from certain angles.

custom boxes

Making Art Accessible for All

For online art galleries, presenting their art forms on their websites or even social media pages is very important. This way, everyone will have access to the various art forms and once a customer or client likes what they see, the only part that remains is to ship their favorite pieces to their addresses using Custom Printed Boxes. However, not only Custom Packaging boxes or shipping boxes are the solution that is required, other feasible measures will also have to be taken. Here are a few of them listed below:

Removable Fixtures for Displays

Even though online art galleries may not involve in displaying art pieces for general viewing from people walking into their premises, yet they will have to display them somewhere and especially to take pictures for their websites and social media pages. This will also require beautiful displays as well.

Additionally, when you consider how easy packaging and shipping of art pieces become using Custom Boxes in different forms and shapes when you have your art pieces resting on removable fixtures that help with balancing and also storing and displaying. Have a look at this well-balanced dancer art piece that can be just picked up and placed in Custom Packaging for shipping:


This fancy sparrow art piece resting on a metal base is pretty much the same story and can be packaged and shipped easily as well:


Regardless of the unusual round and hollow shape of this below art piece, the removable fixture or stand that it is resting on makes it that much easier to make accessible for people via packaging and shipping:

Specialized Art Packaging

Keeping in mind the various unusual shapes art pieces have the tendency to come in and their unique sizes and dimensions as well, Custom Printed Boxes or even plain shipping ones have to be used that are not only able to keep the packaged art pieces safe but also make transporting them easier with custom handles or gripping cutouts. Here’s a look at some art shipping boxes designed for many kinds and shapes of art pieces:


Portraits and artistic pictures or paintings are much easier to package because of their flat and thin profiles that can fit their entirety in tall and wide Custom Boxes that don’t have to be that much shallow like these ones below:


Custom foam inserts or even other softer material inserts on all sides of art pieces will also have to be put in place. Here’s a look at art packaging being done:


Marking Packaging as Fragile

Whether you have just the fancy artistic portraits and paintings or you have large sculptures in any dimensions, sizes or shapes packaged in paper or cardstock sheets or large safe boxes, marking packaging boxes or wrapping sheets as fragile is very important. Here’s how you can do it with flexible pictures, portraits or paintings when rolled for shipping:

Similar precautions need to be taken for large Custom Printed Boxes or simple shipping ones as well. Here’s a good example:

custom boxes

Offer Shipping Services

Online art galleries almost principally have to offer their clients and customers shipping services where they will take care of all the fragile art pieces and ship them in durable packaging boxes that can be made from corrugated cardstocks or also wood materials when an extra safety is required. Custom inserts and cushioning will have to be put in place as well and the whole thing has to be marked with safety instructions including which way the packaged art product has to come out and how can it be removed safely. Sizes, dimensions or shapes of your art shipping boxes will have to be perfect as well, here are few examples:

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