Why Mugs Or Mugs? Firstly, Mugs

and Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  are objects used daily by millions of French people. From breakfast with family! But also in business during coffee breaks between colleagues in office or during customer meetings, suppliers.

Suffice to say, the visibility he knows, it is a privileged communication support it has only benefits or almost, provided that we are properly advised

Customized Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  why use them as supports?

As we have seen previously it is a useful object, low cost and very appreciated by the French. Another of its qualities more rarely put forward, it is tranportable!

What interest will you tell me? Nowadays, long careers at a single employer are no longer legion, and salespeople constantly on the move to meet new prospects, this is a perfect opportunity for you to reach new targets. provided, however, that your logo is still visible several months after printing ..

The mugs and mugs are void when the logo disappears:

No, the mugs are not void, but maybe you have missed some tips when making your purchase. It is all the interest to have to do to a team of professionals for whom the Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  has no secrets.

We often hear this remark and yet is it really justified?

Yes and no ! yes it is true that a custom pad printing mug offers you little hope of seeing your mugs used for several years. While generally they are ….

The problem does not come from the mug but from the marking technique. Pad printing is sensitive to friction as well as temperature change so that it does not support the passage in the microwave oven, nor the machine wash … .. In other words that pad printing for the Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  is a a solution from another time, how to imagine that your mugs can be spared by our modern lifestyles.

The solution exists, however, it is not inevitable!

Several marking techniques can offer your mugs and mugs advertising quality much better than pad printing and for durability in time much higher.

Why are we still selling custom pad printing mugs?

Pad printing by the surface may have a real good reason to be proposed, but it is often for another reason, you make a tempting offer in terms of tariff while obscuring a detail that is not one, the life expectancy of your marking.

An economy, not really, for a few cents you could have a mark made in France or Europe with non-carcinogenic certified inks in ceramic transfer which involves a cooking time to fix the ink to then allow the machine treatments . Sublimation also allows your mugs to remain useful to your communication. This technique is a bit peculiar it is a passage of the ink from a solid to gaseous state which are thus fixed on the Personalised Eco Coffee Cup . Although its behavior is lower than the ceramic transfer it remains long, with flamboyant colors saturated to perfection. This is really a good solution for all prints, which is more economical compared to other solutions that could be proposed in this case.

For the insulated advertising mugs made of metal what does one do?

If you want to keep the colors of your logos, tampography is essential. But if on the contrary, you are open to personalization in engraving, the choice is simple …. Pad printing is temporary according to the use and maintenance of the mug, the engraving will last the life time of the mug without any doubt.

In addition the engraving can now be proposed in large size to 360 ° as you tell that from this moment the perceived value of your mug is revised upward. With an engraving, the isothermal customizable Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  takes all its place as a business gift and or loyalty.

Engraving on a metal mug is the satisfaction guarantee!

Again, no yes or no, everything is in nuance. The insulated mugs are really good products, most of you guaranteed 2 to 4 hours of temperature resistance, but conversely very few mugs guarantee a total waterproofness. Offering an insulated mug is nice, but offering an insulated mug that supports accidental spilling is a plus that is necessary to consider when making your purchase.

In the same way there are many pouring spouts on the insulated mugs and very few even in the locked position will protect you from accident in case of rollover.

How to find me, who can inform me?

The professionals of advertising objects members of 2FCPO is undeniably a guarantee of quality, they will be keen to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Kadimage is a member of the 2FCPO is wanted to offer you a new tool, a new service entirely dedicated to advertising mugs especially for professionals.

Mon-mug-pub.fr was created with and for professionals, you will be able to consult our products with clear and complete datasheets. You will also find on each article sheet a button for your quote requests. No special registration, no waste of time is extremely simple, just one click. You also have the guarantee of a single interlocutor and reachable not only by mail, but also by phone. Our advisers will know how to take into account with your help all the budget and / or time constraints that you would have to face and thus make only coherent and feasible proposals.

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