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Our price comparison gives you tips on choosing the best pool cue. Among the criteria to be considered is the material used to manufacture the tool.

Wood is one of the preferred materials. If you play French billiard supplies , opt for a pool cue whose stem is made of noble wood such as rosewood, padouk, wood of charm, zebrano or rosewood. Then, the French billiard cue is basically made of maple, a dense wood with light grain to obtain a particularly fine result with optimal flexibility.

To play pool, you can opt for a pool cue with an inlaid drum or with decals. The arrow for this type of billiard cue is often made of Canadian maple.

For pool and snoocker billiard supplies , English pool cues have a barrel made from a noble wood of excellent quality. You can choose rosewood, or ebony, ash or rosewood. The barrel of this pool cue can also be “flamed” for a particularly original finish. As for its arrow, it is made of ash, a wood both soft and robust.


Essential tool for playing, the cue is composed of two main parts including the shaft and the spire.

The shaft is located between the rear end of the billiard cue and the center piece also called the trunnion. The choice of barrel is important because it has an influence on the grip of the cue. Although this choice is also dependent on your taste on appearance and color, it is advisable to opt for a drum made from a noble wood.

The jib of a billiard cue must be both strong and flexible to maximize the transfer of strike force to the balls and effects. The best way to achieve the best effects is to choose a maple or ash arrow. It is advisable to choose the arrow according to your billiard supplies games. So, if you play billiards or carom, choose a maple arrow. And to play snooker or blackball, using an arrow made of ash is a good idea.

The ferrule is the part intended to provide a flat surface for the process to be well bonded. It is also used to spread the shock on the arrow and also to protect it from a possible crack. It is advisable to choose a shell made of resin, fiberglass or metal. The metal ferrules are chosen for their rigidity which improves your typing speed.

The process is the leather washer at the end of the billiard supplies . Opt for a process in quality leather to optimize your effects, for better contact with the ball. There are also processes based on elk leather (blue).

he weight

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The choice of the weight of the cue is also an essential choice criterion to consider. Indeed, it should be known that as the cue has a significant weight, more control of the speed of the ball is complicated. On the other hand, a too light weight of the cue makes it difficult or even impossible to speed.


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