An Analysis of 41 Clinical Trials That Evaluated

The effects of these low-carbohydrate Rapid Tone Diet on weight loss revealed that those who followed them lost 0.9 to 4 kilograms more in 6 months than who followed a low fat diet.

”  The conclusion to be drawn is that in the short term a low carb Rapid Tone Diet seems to be safe and can lose weight,  ” said Dr. Heather Fields, lead author of this study.

In the long term (more than a year), low-carb diets give the same results or better results than other Rapid Tone Diet but the differences are not significant.

Fields and his colleagues reviewed studies conducted between January 2005 and April 2016.

Compared to other diets, those low in carbohydrates have been effective on weight loss without negative effects on blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Compared to low-fat diets, the reduction of triglycerides is more marked with low-carb.

The authors of this work emphasize that the number of clinical trials and participants remains low, which should encourage us to take these results with caution.

To go further: An excerpt from “Low Carb, 101 low carbohydrate recipes” by Magali Walkowicz

An excerpt from the “New Atkins Rapid Tone Diet

For decades, Atkins has been the benchmark for low-carb foods and has made millions of people lose weight around the world. With this excerpt, you will get to know yourself and know if Atkins is right for you.

A new version of the Atkins Rapid Tone Diet easier to follow and corrected from the excesses of the original version was published in 2011. The fundamentals are the same: no feeling of hunger, no counting of calories, no miracle pill.

The main rules to follow

  • Do not count calories anymore.
  • Eat as much food as you need to get full.
  • Do not eat if you are not hungry
  • Do not feel obliged to finish your plate because there is food left in it
  • Drink as much water and sweetened beverages as your body claims. Do not restrict liquids … but do not overdo it.
  • Small frequent meals should be preferred
  • If you feel weak because of the rapidity of weight loss, it is because you may be lacking in salt
  • Take a multi-vitamin supplement every day

What does the research say?

The Atkins diet, long decried, is nevertheless surprising by the density of its good results, in the studies which examined it. One of the most recent studies compared the effectiveness of three types of diets on body weight: an Atkins diet, low in starches and sugars, unrestricted calories consumed, a low calorie Mediterranean diet, and finally a Rapid Tone Diet low in fat and calories. Result after two years: it was the people who followed the starch-poor diet who lost the most weight. They are also the ones who have seen their health improve the most. The study involved 322 moderately obese people. Of the 272 participants who completed the experiment, the average weight loss was 3.3 kg for the low-fat diet, 4,

Whether you have 5 or 50 kg extra, the Atkins diet will help you regain your ideal weight, do not wait any longer to download the extract “The new Atkins Rapid Tone Diet

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