Energy Savings Certificates CEE: Residential Energy Saver Tint – Residential Window Tint

The Energy Savings Certificates, also known as C2E or White Certificates, are issued by the State and validate the realization of works of an Residential Window Tint  nature. This device is financed by energy and fuel suppliers, or obligated like It was established by the law n ° 2005-781 of July 13th, 2005 fixing the orientations of the energy policy, known as POPE Law.

Under pain of penalties, energy and fuel suppliers, called obligated, must actively participate in the realization of energy savings by consumers. To meet this obligation, obligated persons can buy EWCs or distribute money to repay part of your work. The financial contribution of the obligated is called, according to the actor’s premium energy, premium eco energy, or premium of energy savings. Be careful, all the same, whatever the name of this premium, you can only get one.

Certificates of Energy Savings are obtained in exchange for actions that have led to a real reduction in energy consumption. Each action entitles you to create a certificate.

Energy Savings Certificates CEE, For WHO?

Individuals, companies, donors, trustees and communities can easily benefit from the scheme and receive a CEE bonus. Simulate your Energy Bonus

Reduce your energy consumption and receive a CEE bonus for Residential Window Tint improvement work on your buildings or the construction of new labeled buildings.

  • Individual houses and apartments
  • Commercial

Buildings • Collective buildings and municipal infrastructure

The works eligible for EWCs must improve the energy performance of your building.

Standardized fact sheets define technical standards and a calculation rule to determine the Residential Window Tint energy saving amounts retained per operation.

The energy saving calculation is done in kWh comic (accumulated and updated over the life of the product) which is the unit of measurement of the certificates. The rate of kWh comic varies according to the type of work, the characteristics of the building and the geographical area:

Our “Accompanied” offer is: Simple – Fast – Effective!

On the basis of a copy of your quote we:

  • You explain the system of Energy Saving Certificates,
  • Check if your craftsman does not already propose the purchase of your EWC,
  • Check if the work proposed by your craftsman meets the criteria set by the state,
  • You contact us to advise you corrections if need,
  • Produce, instruct and manage your administrative file,
  • You send your work check.

We are pleased to offer the Ontario Residential Residential Window Tint Savings Incentive Program provided by Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas, in collaboration with the Government of Ontario and Save Energy. The Ontario government has committed $ 100 million to the creation of this program, which is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.6 million tons while stimulating the economy. It should also help about 37,000 homeowners identify and make energy-saving improvements in their homes.


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