The Different Parts Of The Recurve Bows Explained

The Different Parts Of The Recurve Bows Explained

The recurve bow is one of the most documented bows in the contemporary viable archery. Its curved tilts can recognize it at the ends, which are useful for smooth releasing and boosting the rate of the bow. It is the only style of the bow which is allowed in the Olympics and can be utilized in bow hunting, 3D archery, and field archery.

Major Parts And Their Functions:

  • Riser:

The riser is the heart of this bow. This part is the middle part of each contemporary bow. It is put between the limbs, and it is the backbone of your bow where other components are affixed to. More often than not, it is made from aluminum, but it’s also likely to be utilized carbon fiber. Formerly, it was constructed out of wood, but it was replaced with carbon fiber and aluminum since the wood has the humidity problem.

  • Limbs:

These are the most important parts of the bow made of fiberglass, wood, or carbon fiber. These are affixed to both ends of the riser, and their movement is important for the accuracy of your bow. Their work is to store and let go of the kinetic power to launch the arrow towards your target. Any slanting can considerably change its way, and you’ll score badly on the ten-ring. Mostly, the pounds of force that are produced by the limbs’ rigidity is more often than not at the draw length of twenty-four inches.

  • Stabilizer System:

It is designed to give smooth, balanced feeling of the bow after and during the shot. This system is useful for engrossing the shakings on the bow and dropping the extra noise made by the discharge of the arrow. It contains short rods, long rod, weights, an extension rod, and a v-bar. Also, you can append a dampener to the end of every rod to reduce the level of shaking on your bow. Beware; do not put extra stabilizers because it’ll affect the control over your bow when you shoot. Albeit they can improve accuracy, they won’t reinstate having an outstanding technique.

  • Arrows Rest:

It is the resting place for your arrows while you draw the cord back. This device is created of plastic or metal, and it is affixed to the riser.

  • Bowstring:

It is a cord attached to the limb tips, and its purpose is to change the stored power the limbs into kinetic power in your arrow.

  • Nock

It is a two-pronged end of an arrow constructed of plastic to allow the arrow to be affixed to the bowstring. It can be affixed to your arrow with a nock pin.

Every part is crucially significant when bringing your recurve bow together. Selecting the correct parts such as riser, stabilizer system, and limbs will decide the accuracy and power of the bow. The recurve bow is utilized in Olympic shooting contests, but it is also helpful in hunting prey, albeit it can take down the bigger animals too. You can learn more about the parts of the recurve bow here.

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