Most veterans who are participants in the battles may be disabled. And such a category of borrowers will always be treated with caution, because here lies the risk of serious diseases and even death. In one case, the cost of treatment will be quite impressive, and no regularity of receiving a pension will save.

And on the other hand – it is possible to completely liquidate and close the account, which receives money from the pension in view of the sudden death of the veteran. However, in the event that a veteran needs to improve the conditions for the improvement of housing, then he has a chance to take a one-off subsidy from the state.

In general, the privilege for such citizens can be carried out in the following form:

Significant interest rate cuts.

Covering a part of the mortgage, a down payment or interest on it with a subsidy provided from the state budget.

It should be noted that these benefits will not appear either in Sberbank or in any other financial institution in the form of a separate program designed to provide a veteran with a loan for military operations. All benefits will be provided on a general basis, in accordance with the Law on Mortgage Lending No. 102 of July 16, 1998, which was amended and supplemented on 05.10.15.

The legal document speaks of providing assistance to citizens of the Russian Federation in improving housing, if they are in urgent need of it. It turns out that such a subsidy is provided not only to veterans, but also to any other citizens who need to improve their living conditions.

According to this law, those veterans can benefit from the benefits that they were on the waiting list to receive assistance to improve housing conditions before January 1, 2005.

If citizens turned out to be disabled, and also applied to Sberbank with an application for a preferential mortgage on state subsidies, they also have the right to receive a discount. All other veterans of the war will have to purchase real estate for personal residence in it on the basis of general rules, as well as those conditions that are put forward to other customers.

The scheme by which Sberbank will act when issuing such a veterans home loans is agreed with Law No. 102:

First, the borrower takes out a loan according to the rules that are provided for all citizens. For example, at an interest rate of 12.5%.

The client pays the loan in full.

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Part of the amount will be returned from the state budget to the client’s account.

If the veteran of combat operations is also a participant of the ANN (Mortgage Accumulation System), he will also have the right to preferential loan money when buying a home. In the case of participation in INS, the client is released from payment of the first installment and simultaneously can use a one-time loan from the state.

Usually in such cases, interest on the mortgage is repaid with the help of a budget loan. In any case, it will be necessary either to prove the status of a desperate citizen, or to think in advance about his security and become a member of the Unified system for a mortgage loan.

The terms of this type of loan include the following parameters offered by this lender:

You can take a maximum of 500 000 rubles.

If you are ready to show security (surety or bail), then the amount that can be borrowed will increase 2 times – up to 1 million rubles.

Interest in this case will be somewhat overestimated: if security is available, 18.5%; and without pledge or guarantee – 19.5%. The loans are issued for a period not exceeding 5 years. The product is both target and non-target. This type of loan is a consumer veterans home loans and it is issued for any purpose, including even in cases where there is not enough to pay for the apartment or house purchased. But among other things, those servicemen who previously made out mortgages in Sberbank for the product “Military Mortgage” can count on using this program. FOR BANK EMPLOYEES AND SALARY CLIENTS For some reason, holders of salary cards of Sberbank, as well as its employees – they all always get almost the same privileges as a percentage. By and large, all employees of the bank also receive cards along with its advantages. In general for this category, the advantages in using the services of a financial institution are as follows: an extensive network of ATMs is ready to provide card services (respectively, card accounts) around the clock; money is reliably protected even after the loss of the card; goods and services can be paid not only in Russia, but also abroad; convenience of using a card account through the Mobile Bank, as well as control over its state and replenishment; with the help of a card, you can accumulate funds and receive even from this income, if you transfer to savings accounts; it is possible to draw up cards for relatives and proxies; use of special offers on the products of the bank; receiving bonuses and various privileges.

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